Is anybody there?

Sometimes I feel as though I am wasting my time. Before I lost everything, I had close to 100 blog posts. And 99% of the comments I received were spam. While I like spam for breakfast, those comments were not the kind of give and take conversation I had hoped for. Sometimes I consider the idea of giving it all up.

There are times I want to quit school, give up writing and programming. I want to stop wasting my time on things that have only added more frustration to my life.

Why I am bothering to go to school and earn a degree at 55 seems silly to me today. When I started, I thought it would improve my life and increase my earning potential. Now I realize that I have committed myself to paying back about 25k in loans for the sake of satisfaction.

I have a published book that nobody sees and a bunch of outdated games to my name.

I was very proud of my grades until I realized that someone with my experience should be getting nearly perfect grades. I thought I was accomplishing so much but now I realize that my accomplishments would only be praiseworthy if I were in my 20s.

What do you think? Am I feeling sorry for myself or am I right?

Of course I seriously doubt that anybody but the spammers will read this, much less comment. We shall see.