Birthday Party? Surprise!!

My birthday cake.

This happened last Saturday. My husband woke me up and told me he was taking me out for a birthday breakfast. When I reminded him that it had been four days since my birthday, he explained that he had intended to take me out to breakfast on Tuesday (my birthday) but becuase I had a school project to complete, he didn’t.

I was a little bit disappointed when my son didn’t want to go, but I figured it would give my husband and me a chance for some alone time. We went out and had a wonderful meal at the local Perkins. When we were done eating, I suggested that we go wander around Staples for a while before we went home. He agreed. (That was easy!)

Just as we were out of the Perkins parking lot and headed up the road to Staples, my husband’s phone rings. Because he was driving, I answered. My son said, “I have to talk to Dad right away!” He sounded really upset, but I told him he couldn’t talk to his father because his father was driving the car. Finally I switched to speakerphone. My son said, “I heard a noise and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it, so I called Grandma. She came over but we still couldn’t figure out what was causing the sound. I’m really scared.”

My grandsons, playing video games with their Uncle Matt.
More Video Games

All the way home, my husband worried aloud about whether there was something wrong with the water heater or the furnace, and wouldn’t it be awful if our basement was flooded. By the time we got home, I was nearly in a panic over what the problem might be. Matthew and my Mom answered the door and lead us through the living room, into the kitchen. The laundry room off the kitchen is where the basement door is, and it was closed. Weird, but I didn’t think about that at the time.

When I opened the door, out popped my step-son and my two grandsons. “Happy birthday!” yelled my step-son.

“Happy birthday, Grandma!” cried the boys, as they came running over to hug me.

That was a pretty good trick, don’t you think? I didn’t know I was surrounded by so many talented actors!

I think my birthday broke the record this year. We’ve been celebrating for something like a week and a half! I didn’t have a birthday, I had a birthday week! As we sat around our dining room table, talking and munching on the refreshments that my husband had somehow bought and sneaked into the house, I felt very special and very loved.

A Little Background

I love parties and surprise parties even more so. I constantly threw surprise parties for others but nobody ever seemed to return the favor.

In all fairness, my Mom tried once. She had everything all set up, but I was so sad that everybody forgot about my birthday that she ended up telling me about it. She took me to the refrigerator where the ice cream cake had been stashed and said, “See? Here’s your cake. You’re getting a birthday party on Saturday. Surprise!”

A picture of my mother and step-son at the dining room table.
Mom and Mark

My husband doesn’t feel the same way about birthday parties. I would have given him one, but when we were talking one day and he mentioned how much he hates surprises, I decided not to do it. But I still wanted one. I tried subtle hints. Then I tried less subtle hints. I finally asked my husband outright what I had to do to have a surprise birthday party. He fluffed me off. This year I started early. I asked him about having a regular birthday party and he told me we couldn’t afford it. I suggested that we have a small dinner party. “We don’t have to call it a birthday party,” I said. “We can just have a couple people over for dinner.”

Nothing. Little did I know that he had planned a surprise birthday party and set it up two months ahead of time. And he is smart enough to know about sleight of hand. Always give the audience something else to watch so they don’t see what you are doing. He took me out to dinner for my birthday… twice! He had my mother at the house, he celebrated my birthday for an entire week until I wasn’t looking for anything more. Then he had me and it worked so well!

A few years ago, there was a TV commercial for a car. A woman is driving and her little girls says, “Mommy, what is spoiled?”

The mother replies, “Did someone say that about you?”

“No,” says the little girl. “They said it about you!”

The woman just smiles and keeps driving. That’s how I feel. Spoiled, but in a good way, thanks to my wonderful husband and family.

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