Now I’m miffed

What good is copyright if it doesn’t stop people from stealing?

Copyright violation is an awful thing. Someone has taken my book, Dreams in Transit, converted it to a PDF file, and uploaded it to a downloads site for other members to download for free.

How do I know? I have a Google alert defined for my book, Dreams in Transit. Today I got a message with an alert and, when I checked it out, there was a link that turned out to be to a site that is allowing my book to be downloaded for free. I have sent them an email notifying them that it is a copyright violation for them to offer my book for free without my permission. I told them to stop. I doubt it will do much good. Is it worth hiring a lawyer? I’m sure Amazon isn’t going to help.

With the fact that my book has barely sold, I’m wondering how anyone knows about it to be trying to violate my copyright by stealing it.

I will update this post when I see what happens.

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  1. There are two things you may wish to do:

    1) Send a DMCA complaint to the web host. There are letter templates and how-to guides online that can show you the procedure step-by-step.


    2) You may be able to use this as an opportunity to get your work read by more people and help to drive sales. This is more of an uncharted territory and there are no how-to guides to be found here, but there are a hand-full of authors who have taken this route. You may want to read the writings of law professor Lawrence Lessig in regards to what he termed free culture. Out of the authors who are trying this, the first three that come to mind are fiction authors Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross, and Peter Watts. Rather than clamping down tighter they’ve actually used more permissive licences on their works, such as the Creative Commons licenses, that allow copying and sharing yet retain many of the author’s rights. They all have blogs and you may want to take a look at what they’ve been doing in this regard.

    Which ever route you take, I wish you good luck.

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