Follow-up Why New York State of Health is STILL an Epic Fail

I posted the other day about how my healthcare was completely messed up. I added a couple of updates to that post, but I thought it might be easier to add a new post. To re-cap:

I received a call from the New York State of Health telling me that I hadn’t renewed yet. I won’t go into all of the details (my other post Why New York State of Health is an Epic Fail for the long version.) Following all of the problems, I received a bill from Affinity and paid for January and February. They told me that I had to  make sure that New York State of Health knew that I had coverage.

It took me forever to get through to New York State of Health but I finally talked to someone there who insisted that my coverage doesn’t start until March 1st. We went round and round and back and forth, and I finally got to talk to someone in Account Review who said that I had somehow gotten two plans, one directly with Affinity and one with New York State of Health. He suggested that I confirm that I have an account with Affinity and then call back and cancel the one through New York State of Health.

It took me four days to actually get to talk to someone again. From the time that I first started this nightmare, I have been told three times that they would call me back “within one business day.” That finally happened last night (Tuesday, Feb 2nd, so it was certainly more than one business day!) and I explained what I wanted. So, the situation now is that I have canceled the second policy, that I am no longer listed as needing help paying for my insurance, and that I will continue to have Affinity Platinum.

I’m supposed to get a bill for March by around February 10th. We’ll see.

I am so afraid that what is going to happen is that both policies will be canceled and I won’t have anything.