Finding the Right Web Host

I have had the same web host for a couple of years now. When I first signed up with them, the sites I created were fast and their 99.9% uptime guarantee seemed to mean something. I had no problems with them until my sites became unavailable.

May 2016 – Their explanation was that their servers had been attacked and they were fixing the problem as quickly as possible. It took about a week to fix. Days offline are destructive. I was looking for a job at the time. Because I had no access to email, I ended up having to create a Gmail account for my work search.

June 2016 – I started getting timeout errors when I tried to sign in to control panel. I created a ticket and, when they responded, they told me that I was trying to log in to the old server, that I should update the IP address. This worked, but I shouldn’t have to create a support ticket to find that out.

September 2016 – Another outage. I created a support ticket, and they eventually fixed it, but I can’t find the response about what caused the problem. When I reminded them of the 99.9% guarantee, I received a free month.

January 2017 – My sites started returning 503 errors. Their response was, “Have you tried stopping and restarting your application pool?” No, I hadn’t. My websites do not have complicated applications running on them. I can’t see why I should have to start and stop the application pool. Perhaps this is a lack of knowledge on my part.

I am now very dissatisfied.

In the past two days, I have been trying to develop a WordPress site. The response of the WordPress dashboard is sluggish, to say the least, and I cannot install plugins or themes. The installation may have become corrupted, but I’m not entirely sure. When I try to install a plugin or theme, the process constantly times out, and there is only ONE post on that site, so it isn’t as though it was a complicated site that consumes lots of resources.

The search for a new host begins.

The provider where I have this site is only temporary. I have it because I have taken a web design course, and gotten a free year of hosting. Once the year is up, I will have to find new homes for the sites I create here. Not because I’m dissatisfied, but because the provider’s company is based in the UK and I live in the US.

I started looking, but am having a hard time finding the features I want. I’ve looked into HostGator, but while their introductory price is low, they want me to pay for three years of hosting at once. Not something I can afford to do right now.

I’m looking into AWS, Azure, and Google, but I feel uncomfortable about paying by the hour. Both regular and cloud hosting platforms seem to want to get you to pay one to three years in advance. Since I am currently trying to transition from working for others to providing development and writing services to customers, I can’t afford to invest a lot of money.

Here is what I need

  1. Unlimited domains and subdomains
  2. Unlimited email addresses
  3. WordPress as well as the ability to build sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries such as AngularJS
  4. A good cpanel
  5. Multiple MySql databases
  6. Ideally, I would like to spend less than $20 a month and I would prefer to spend less than $10.

So, what do you suggest?

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