Simplify your Online Workflow

This is a small tip for making your online working life easier to manage. It may save you only a few seconds each time you use it but a few seconds here, a few seconds there…

Many of us are now spending most of our working day using online apps to do our work. We use Google for email, calendar, and documents, we have IRC chat and more. There are about seven different web pages that I have open at all times on my computer. I’ve been doing this on my current job for over six months, and used similar setups on other contracts I’ve had over the past eight years or so.

This morning, it hit me: There is a faster, easier way.

Everyone uses a web browser to surf the web, but it is easy to make use of something without exploring beyond the basics. My solution depends on a feature that is available in almost every current web browser.

Here’s my idea. Create bookmarks for the applications and web pages you need. Once you have the bookmarks, you can create a folder and add the bookmarks you need. In my case, I added bookmarks to my email, calendar, Google Drive, my planning document, the team’s task board, and our IRC chat.

Now that I have those bookmarks in their own folder, I can open them all with two clicks of my mouse. The first opens the folder, the second opens all of the tabs I need.

I use Firefox as my default browser. This image shows how the command work ins Firefox (v. 63.0.1, 64-bit) I have right-clicked on the folder that contains the bookmarks I want and will click the Open All in Tabs command.

An image showing how to open a group of bookmarks in Firefox with a single menu command.

Opening all bookmarks in a folder on Mozilla Firefox with one command.

Here is the same procedure in Chrome (v. 70.0.3538.77, 64-bit. Notice that you have more options such as opening the bookmarks in a new window or even an incognito window:

Opening all bookmarks in a folder on Google Chrome with one command.

Here is the same procedure in Microsoft Edge.

Opening all bookmarks in a folder on Microsoft Edge with one command.

And, finally, here is the same thing in Opera.

Opening all bookmarks in a folder on Opera with one command.

I hope you find this little tip easy to follow and useful in your daily work.