Now I’m Miffed!


We rented Dolittle last week and really enjoyed it, so I bought it from Amazon.

When the disc arrived, the digital code was missing. So I contacted Universal.

The first reply seemed promising. They asked me to send them pictures of the box and the discs inside. No problem. I immediately took the pictures and sent them.

This morning I received their reply. It seems that I haven’t met their “standards of proof” and they will not send me the code. That made me angry because I had followed their instructions exactly.

Then they asked that I take a picture of the disc with a piece of paper showing my email address next to it. Why didn’t they ask me to do that in the first place? Perhaps lots of people are trying to prove that they own something they don’t, but if they had given me complete instructions in the first place, we could have saved at least one round.

It seems like a small thing to be angry about but so much little stuff has been going wrong lately that this was the quintessential “straw that broke the camel’s back” and what I expected to be a simple fix has turned into a Sisyphisian task. I follow their instructions and they tell me oh no, that’s not good enough. Why didn’t they simply give me complete instructions in the first place?

This time I sent them the picture they asked for as well as a screenshot of the invoice from Amazon. Maybe that will persuade them to make good on a promise that, so far, they haven’t kept. I’m not angry about a simple error, I am angry that they are making me jump through so many hoops to fix their error.

Why am I bothering to share this? Who knows how many copies of the movie were distributed without the code. Maybe if you know what i went through, it will save some time when you have to contact them.

UPDATE: This morning when I checked my email, there was an email message from Universal that included a digital code which I used to redeem the digital copy of Dolittle. So, although it was a pain to have to go through the back and forth, all’s well that ends well.

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